Currently, there are many online stores for the sale of auto parts.

This number is due to the fact that these sites help to profitably present products to expand sales, present the company’s activities, and establish clear two-way communication with customers.


Client and task

CarTo4ka is a company that provides a wide range of original new spare parts from Germany. The range of the shop includes products for cars from the year 2000 to the present.

In order to automate online sales processes, it was necessary to have an online store with a clear structure and stylish design.


Based on the analysis of the preferences of the customer, the market of auto parts and the specificity of the functionality were chosen quite unconventional for the shop's color gamut and style. Thanks to the use of UI/UX, the site is made as easy as possible to use.

But not only the design of the site makes it unique, but also multifunctional implementation. The site is loaded with large prices, integration with Nova Poshta and Delivery services is realized, Liqpay and Telegram are connected. In the admin panel, full control of the site with all its components is realized and distribution of user access is made.