Event organization is one of the areas of business that is developing very actively. It is very cool that there are agencies or projects that do everything possible to make our lives brighter and to help us experience the enjoyment of music and dancing.

Such projects will relieve people of worries, and we are happy to help in this.


Client and task

Our customers have a cool idea to organize a season of parties in Lutsk with a grandiose lineup of incredibly talented DJs. We had to offer an extraordinary and creative design for the site and make booking tickets as easy and convenient as possible.

In addition, it was important for the customer to show and tell customers about himself, and provide comprehensive information about the service and opportunities. Through the site, we have set up a convenient communication channel with clients.

Another challenge was the shortest possible time, only a few weeks were given for the implementation of the entire project.


To solve this problem, we have made a lot of efforts of our best specialists in the field of web development. According to the needs of the client, a website with agreed functionality and creative design was developed.

When you enter the site, you feel that you will be waiting for something special. An interactive map of the hall with a section on the floors, where you can choose the table you want or just order an entrance ticket.

The party page provides comprehensive visual and textual information about its features. Also, no less important is the ticket payment function on the site, with the help of which the process of purchasing a ticket is simplified.

For convenient control, an administrative panel with the distribution of roles and comfortable and easy-to-use functionality is made.

The party series has already started, so do not miss the opportunity to feel like a part of the Sova Project!

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