The corporate website has become not a fad, but a necessity for a developing company that aims to scale its business.

On this site, you can acquaint users with their features and advantages, it is also a convenient tool for presenting the range of their services or products.


Client and task

FeedWood manufactures and sells components for all manufacturers on the market and other equipment. It is important for the customer to show and tell customers about their products, and provide information about the service and partnership opportunities.

With the help of the website, it was necessary to configure the communication channel with clients and provide the most comprehensive information on the main activities.


In this project, all customer requirements were 100% fulfilled.

According to the needs of the client, a website-catalogue was developed with agreed functionality and special design. The use of metallic shades, animations, and well-chosen pictures greatly improves the aesthetic effect of the website.

On the site there is a form of feedback and all necessary contact information, also described the terms of partnership and service.

A catalog with convenient navigation and filtering has been developed.

The site is fully operational, and further development is possible through the use of technologies that are adapted to the possibility of future changes.