We all like to eat well and relax in a cozy establishment. When we choose a new restaurant or café, the first thing we do is enter its name in the search engine and look for information about them. Best to satisfy such a desire can be a site where there will be a photo, description, schedule, and menu.


Client and task

Gusto decided to make life easier for its customers. They faced several challenges, namely:

  • need to provide information in a more accessible way
  • make the delivery ordering process more convenient and simple
  • automate certain business processes


Our team has developed the site using the latest technologies that make the site safe and fast in operation.

Convenient navigation on the menu is realized so that clients can make an order faster.

For better visualization, the Instagram module was integrated, through which the image of posts on the site. Also in the design were used the basic principles of the style of the institution - are brevity and modernity.

The process of implementation of the order, management of the client base, and statistics with the help of the created individually for the customer administrative panel were automated.