The news portal strives as quickly as possible to satisfy users' requests to search for «fresh» and current information. The efficiency of real-time content updating, the ease of searching, and the archive of publications is the advantage of this type of infrared.

We are ready to find a technical solution to your creative ideas!


Client and task

News agency «Volynsʹka Sluzhba Novyn» is a space of actual news with exceptional speed.

The customer expected a successful technical solution for the convenience of using the interface and the most effective management of the portal with the help of the administrative panel in the shortest possible time.


Our team has reached the "golden mean" in combining the modern design of the news portal and its functional convenience.

The project is minimalistic, using trendy colors. It is possible to comment on publications, overlay a watermark on the author's photo, and also develop functionality that implies a link to the original source.

The site has demonstrated high performance (0.4 s), performance, and stability when it is 200 thousand. Users during the first week of operation and 1.5 million during the first month. 10K. Active users in real-time... 140 million requests to the site... 40 terabytes of transmitted data... 52 reflected DDoS attacks for the first month of operation!

The exemplary result, isn’t it?