A modern customer, before he/she makes a food order with delivery or goes to a restaurant, necessarily wants to get information about the institution on the Internet and already on the basis of what he will see and read, will make his choice.

That is why it is very important to have a modern and convenient website in this sphere of business.

Client and task

The new restaurant "Tisto", located in Volodymyr-Volynskyi, did not neglect the needs of modern customers described above.

The customer had a list of important tasks, namely:

  • simplify the delivery order procedure as much as possible
  • show the comfortable atmosphere of the institution and its concise style
  • establish a stable channel of communication to inform clients


We approached these tasks comprehensively. Thanks to clear teamwork, we were able to implement the agreed functionality quickly enough. The design was developed with respect to the color range of the logo and the style of the institution. The correct placement of site elements made it easy to use.

Also, for greater convenience was implemented, integration with Telegram-bot significantly speeds up the receipt of orders from the site. The presence of a current menu, high-quality visual content, convenient usability, the ability to order delivery online, and customization of feedback with the client - this is not the whole list implemented by us.